Singapore-based institutional investor NGC Ventures, which focuses on venture funding for blockchain-based projects, has announced a new ecosystem fund dedicated to Web3 projects and highlights increased investor demand for startups driving the decentralized internet. NGC Metaverse Ventures, the firm’s third blockchain fund, raised $100 million from investors as it looks to helpContinue Reading

Qtopia: French company Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI) have announced that they are bringing to life the first LGBTQ-focused Metaverse. It will be called Qtopia, and will sit inside a larger metaverse called the Alphaverse. Due to be fully online in 2023, it is hoped that Qtopia will be a safe space for those whoContinue Reading

The topic of crypto and everything related to it took all the attention during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Many issues were addressed concerning the future of the cryptocurrencies themselves and their regulation within the monetary systems of participating countries, as well as all digital assets and objectsContinue Reading