With another incredible year behind us, many major milestones reached, and an explosion of innovation throughout the growing Cosmos ecosystem, 2021 was an interstellar year. But launching IBC and completing the Cosmos whitepaper isn’t where our story ends. We’re only at the start of this amazing journey with so many excitingContinue Reading

The Blockchain 50 is CB Insights’ annual ranking of the 50 most promising blockchain and crypto companies in the world. This year’s winners include blockchain infrastructure providers, crypto exchanges, custody and wallet services, NFT marketplaces, and more. CB Insights has unveiled the second annual Blockchain 50 — a list ofContinue Reading

With another US tax season in full swing, many crypto users are wondering: Do I need to pay taxes on my crypto? What tax rates can I expect? Are crypto taxes complicated? Here are some insights to help you navigate your crypto taxes. Do I need to pay taxes onContinue Reading

BTC Proxy, the Bitcoin Liquidity Protocol on Polygon, has entered into a strategic partnership with Blockchain.com, one of the world’s largest crypto platforms and an early pioneer of key Bitcoin infrastructure. As part of the partnership, Blockchain.com will add BTC Liquidity into the Proxy ecosystem by Minting BTCpx. Moving Bitcoin to the PolygonContinue Reading

Mina, crypto’s “lightest” blockchain, plans to recruit new talent through grants to help achieve its goal of making Web3 infrastructure more secure and democratic. The Mina Ecosystem, which operates the “lightweight” Mina blockchain, announced today that it has raised $92 million to help attract world-class developers through grants. The goal is toContinue Reading

Project Catalyst is a turbo-charged engine for Cardano, accelerating the ecosystem’s growth and making dreams come true Every three months, a new Project Catalyst innovation fund campaign begins with the opportunity to receive resources paid in ada from the Cardano Treasury. Valuable resources to build, create, and contribute to realizeContinue Reading