Over the past 12 months, interest in Bitcoin – the world’s premier crypto currency – has increased, with BTC recording dramatic price fluctuations marked by an all-time high and large corrections. Despite the asset’s present increasing instability, curiosity over the cryptocurrency’s next price movement has sparked a surge in interest.Continue Reading

As the price of bitcoin craters, the global computer network that supports it is guzzling less energy for the first time in years. As a general rule, the price of bitcoin and the energy consumed by the computers that mine it move in tandem: The higher the price, the moreContinue Reading

Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot announced on June 21 that it would release 200 new limited-edition watches that will also be available for online purchase using chosen cryptocurrencies through BitPay. The company stated: “Exclusively on our Hublot United States eBoutique, clients will be able to shop using select Cryptocurrencies with BitPay.” Indeed, the new Big BangContinue Reading