Vulcan Forged is a play-to-earn game that allows players to earn cryptocurrency by winning, selling, and upgrading their in-game assets. What is a play-to-earn crypto game? Distributed technologies including blockchain and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) enable game developers and gamers a more interactive, immersive and incentivized experience than ever before through the newContinue Reading

IN BRIEF USDC market value continues to increase despite negative sentiment. USDC continues to maintain its peg in June. The USDC market cap was approximately $53 billion by the end of May. PromoGensokishi Online – Fantasy World Economy on the Metaverse Read now! USD Coin (USDC) was one of the few digitalContinue Reading

Over the past 12 months, interest in Bitcoin – the world’s premier crypto currency – has increased, with BTC recording dramatic price fluctuations marked by an all-time high and large corrections. Despite the asset’s present increasing instability, curiosity over the cryptocurrency’s next price movement has sparked a surge in interest.Continue Reading

IN BRIEF CoinDCX and Coinswitch Kuber have suspended withdrawals. The exchanges say KYC processes and requirements necessitated the suspension. The collapse of Celsius Network and the general market downturn have led to many crypto platforms being affected. PromoGensokishi Online – Fantasy World Economy on the Metaverse Read now! Both CoinDCX andContinue Reading

The embattled crypto lender’s CEL token reached a high of $1.56 as holders attempted to orchestrate a short squeeze. CEL, the native token of embattled crypto lender Celsius Finance, is up 50% on the day as members of the project’s community attempted to orchestrate a short squeeze. A short squeeze takesContinue Reading

As the price of bitcoin craters, the global computer network that supports it is guzzling less energy for the first time in years. As a general rule, the price of bitcoin and the energy consumed by the computers that mine it move in tandem: The higher the price, the moreContinue Reading

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Vauld is the next firm to downsize, despite raising $25 million one year ago Affected employees are from Vauld’s marketing, talent acquisition and other divisions They will receive two months’ salary in severance and retain a 12-month health insurance plan Singapore-based Vauld is the next cryptocurrency exchangeContinue Reading